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House of Worship

House of WorshipSweet Southern Sound has 15 years experience designing sound, lighting, and video systems for churches. We understand your systems must be effective so your congregation can clearly see and hear the message you are about to deliver.

We design around aesthetics and service style, which helps to improve your congregation’s overall worship experience.


house-of-worship-soundYour sound system is the biggest tool you use to deliver the message. 15 years of experience allows us to design systems that are tailored to your exact needs. We use the best manufactures in the industry and guarantee the highest level of sound quality.

Volume is only 10% of a church’s sound demand, so our designs are based on quality and consistency of sound. To achieve this, we use computer predictions and 3-dimensional models to predict our design.


house-of-worship-lightsWe understand your need to create a visual impact and design lighting systems that give you intimate sanctuary lighting control.

We offer solutions for lighting truss, dimming control, LED, intelligent lighting, theatrical, stage lighting, and environmental mood lighting.

Sweet Southern Sound has your lighting solution to set the mood for your congregation.


house-of-worship-videoWe bring a whole new approach to video integration for houses of worship. We understand the impact for visualizing the message and relaying it to your congregation with video technology.

We provide video projection, video camera solutions, internet streaming, environmental projection, stage displays, seamless and matrix switching, and FULL HD integration.