Experience More with Sweet Southern Sound


We have 10 years experience in healthcare integrations. Sweet Southern Sound provides dependable solutions that help you bring a higher level of patient satisfaction. From you surgery suite to your waiting room, we are confident that our solutions will help your staff provide the highest level of patient care.


healthcare-integrationInformation availability is a key component in hospital operations. Our video and audio solutions can provide information and entertainment to your staff and patients.

Healthcare solutions we offer:

  • Waiting room displays
  • Electronic informational boards
  • Overhead paging
  • Conference and Board Rooms

Surgical Suite

surgical-suite-integrationSweet Southern Sound integrates the video sources in a surgical suite and combines them into a seamless video solution; PACS, physiolog, medical cameras, and microscopes.

Allow us to build clutter free and dependable video integration that advances your surgical suite.

Medical Office

We understand the challenge of protecting patient health information (PHI). Using audio and video solutions, we can provide your practice additional security in keeping PHI safe.

Forms of sound masking offer protection of PHI and add an entertainment value for your patients.